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Melissa's little notch in the world...


"Come and relax now put your troubles down no need to bear the weight of your worries now let them all fall away"

I realize that this page is REALLY old and that i really haven't done anything new to it in a VERY long time. So I hope to maybe get some new things up. A little less DMB content and a little more Melissa content. We'll see how that works. It may not. Who knows...

Official Dave Matthews Band website Check out the current tour dates.

I could put a lot of effort into making a whole long list of DMB links but I think that Ridge's page gives links to many things that it is worth checking out; plus he made the dmb page just for me.... so I should send people there.

Wanna read a poem I wrote?

Links to a few places

PErFect ThYroID pictures This band might just be replacing tDMB in my book. I haven't decided about that yet though so don't quote me on it. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Sara Mae I thought I would depart for a second from the ever present DMB theme to show another side to me.

I just thought throwing in another picture of Dave Matthews would be good.
(and it is)

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go ahead search for the dave matthews band or PErFect ThYroID both searches will eventually lead you back here... or there....or go search for the band of your choice

CDnow find all the CD's you've been hoping for.